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Payment Processing Tech and Retail are Getting an Augmented Reality Check

What compels the consumer experience? Payment processing technology, product variety, something else? There are several popular and accurate answers to this question, but one of the more obvious ones is convenience. Between browsing and checking out and paying, the goal for merchants should be to provide a customer experience with as little friction as possible. Things like NFC and mobile payments

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Augmented Reality in Payment Processing and the Customer Experience

When people shop online or especially via mobile device, they get a lot of that desired convenience, but the missing piece is a tangible component to the experience. Augmented reality is poised to provide a more sensory shopping experience for consumers, particularly through mobile channels. It can augment a view for consumers with the addition of

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Friction Reduction in Payment Processing

The place that augmented reality and payment processing technology intersect is right through the concept of friction. Augmented reality intends to reduce the possibility of friction during checkout even more than before. It is about delivering a more customized, full-circle customer experience and controlling the entire retail shopping experience from A to Z in the

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What the Future Holds for Payment Processing Technology

Augmented reality will continue to prove useful in mobile commerce. It is creating opportunities for more customer engagement by delivering new value and increasing conversion rates through mobile apps. Retail merchants should be hopeful as augmented reality technology continues to develop and make strides in retail and in payment processing. Keeping an eye on technology will

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