Augmented Reality in Payment Processing and the Customer Experience

When people shop online or especially via mobile device, they get a lot of that desired convenience, but the missing piece is a tangible component to the experience. Augmented reality is poised to provide a more sensory shopping experience for consumers, particularly through mobile channels. It can augment a view for consumers with the addition of technology, such as holding your phone over your feet and being able to see what an out-of stock shoe would look like on them. Another use might be aiming your phone at an empty space and being able to see a couch there.

BUSINESS PAY TECH is now adding our own version of Augmented reality.  Introducing “Live Consultations” part of our New Virtual Sales Office.  Yes that is right with today’s technologies you can know who your doing business with, get things done efficiently, and have a much better handle on who your dealing with.  The possibilities for this wave of technology are endless.  Many thanks to all of our clients.  We have supported each other and we certainly would not be here without you.